Are you prepared for the perfect storm? IMSG can get you ready!

Now more than ever, critical environmental intelligence is key to environmental preparedness. Whether it’s a storm or a drought, changing climate patterns, a tornado or a forest fire, or harmful algal bloom, how we prepare to face our current and future environmental challenges is not only important, but essential to our safety and security as a nation.


Founded in 1987 to support the US Air Force with its information technology needs, IMSG has achieved four-fold growth and significantly broadened its customer base. IMSG supports our key Government customers to generate authoritative environmental data products and forecasts. IMSG partners with businesses and other nations to help them understand their liabilities, recognize their blind spots and prepare for the worst so that they’re truly ready for anything.


How do we do this? Through the strength of our team, and a proven, multi-disciplinary approach that draws on our team’s deep experience assessing and preparing for issues such as climate change or extreme weather and for economic, environmental and political security impacts. Our scientists work with global measurements, numerical models, and decision support systems to provide solutions for real-time data retrieval, modeling, analysis, and decision making.


Drawing from the top minds in the field, IMSG provides advanced environmental forecasting, advanced environmental modeling and prediction capabilities, ocean biological and ecosystem research as well as information on habitat restoration, geographical imaging software (GIS), and interdisciplinary fields. We combine cutting edge research methods, including satellite remote sensing, scientific algorithms, data analysis, process and products generation, sensor calibration and sensor validation, and numerical modeling, with our over 100+ years of combined experience to help you predict, prepare and respond to the future – whatever the weather brings you.


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