Coastal Management

Coastal communities are in a constant state of flux, and at IMSG, we offer a wide range of coastal zone management services to address the challenges faced by our coastal communities. We can help you understand the challenges in coastal development, identify and protect critical coastal resources, recognize and protect biodiversity and ecosystem health in your coastal zone, support sustainable development and renewable energy, analyze vulnerabilities of the coastal zones to hazards, and help your predict, prepare and respond to natural hazards such as hurricanes and flooding so that risk is minimized and your goals are met.

Case Study: NOAA’s Coastal Services Center (CSC)

Over the past 10 years, IMSG staff have been leading the way towards sustainable, safe coastal management with our partnerships with the CSC, helping the United States achieve a sustainable economic, environmental, social, and cultural balance.

Our work with the CSC includes:

Sea Level Rise Viewer

Creates maps of potential impacts of sea level rise along the coast and provides related information and data for community officials.

Coastal County Snapshots

Turns complex data into easy-to-understand stories, complete with charts and graphs.

C-CAP Land Cover Atlas

Enables users to view regional Coastal Change Analysis Program (C-CAP) land cover data and explore land cover changes and trends.

ENOW Explorer

Allows easy interaction with Economics: National Ocean Watch (ENOW) data to show changes in the ocean and Great Lakes economy from place to place.

National Viewer and Data Registry