Don’t Just Go to Work. Change the World

At IMSG, we believe that work should be more than just clocking in and clocking out. That’s for other people. For the talented team of IMSG professionals, going to work every day means discovering new challenges, developing new innovations, and setting the standard for the industry in climate change and environmental preparedness. We believe that the environment is an important issue for safety and security, and being a part of IMSG team is helping to make the world a safer, better place, all while you build your career in a supportive, team-oriented and dynamic environment.

Be More than You Ever Thought Possible

Our unique organization is made up of the brightest, most talented professionals around who specialize in a wide variety of disciplines, and are all committed to solving the needs of our clients while creating sustainable solutions to protect our environment. If you’re excited about being challenged each and every day you come to work by the foremost experts in climate change and environmental preparedness, and you want to make a major difference in the state of the environment, worldwide, IMSG is your home.

Turbocharge Your Career

Whatever your expertise and whatever your passion, you can discover a dynamic and challenging career waiting for you at IMSG. Whether you’re a finance or socioeconomic specialist, a policy specialist, a scientist or a technology whiz, or even if you’re just passionate about being part of something bigger, IMSG provides the building blocks for an incredible career. If you’re interested in being a part of a team of people who are leading the way in predicting, preparing for and responding to some of our planet’s biggest challenges, IMSG is for you. At IMSG, we don’t just employ you, we bring you on as a team member, providing the resources and rewards to propel you forward and further your career.