Enterprise Integrated Aviation Weather Solution

The Enterprise Integrated Aviation Weather System, or eIAWS, is an innovative aviation weather observation and forecasting solution for airports. The system enables en route hazard warnings to be issued to help ensure pilots and air traffic control officials have the crucial information they need about severe weather to make essential air traffic management and airport operations decisions.

Innovative Features

Tailored for terminal and regional aviation weather, eIAWS’s high spatial-temporal resolution, integrated observation, and robust model system forecasting will enhance the safety of air traffic management and airport operations.

With accurate and timely aviation weather information that supplies frequent updates, eIAWS enhances forecasting productivity and quality, and assists with critical operation decision making to improve aviation safety and fuel economy.

High Performance Solutions for Real-Time Operations

IMSG specializes in real-time environmental information, eIAWS is developed to provide the right information at the right time to diverse users to enhance safety in the operational environment.

eIAWS is Designed With

  • A rapid update cycle of products for varied end users.
  • High performance cluster-based computing and efficient data handling for fast display and refresh.

Outputs are in formats consistent with requirements from the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)

Customized Solutions for Diverse Government Needs

  • eIAWS can be customized to suit your agency’s needs, ranging from a comprehensive solution to providing certain modules for select information and products.
  • eIAWS has a range of hosting options from a solution hosted by IMSG’s robust cloud-based computing system to full installation on local government servers.
  • eIAWS has separate user interfaces for difference users, ranging from meteorological professionals to pilots and air traffic control end users.
  • IMSG specializes in customized training solutions, integrating IT, aviation and meteorology expertise.


The Problem


Aircraft Delays caused by Bad Weather


The Solution

eIAWS includes terminal weather, en-route weather, and collaborative decision making service functions to meet the comprehensive operational needs to safely and efficiently manage the civil aviation air traffic flow from planning to execution.

eIAWS-T for Terminal Weather Information

– Fast integration of runway and terminal area weather sensor observations to provide 0 to 2 hours nowcasting and model-based 24-hr forecasting, updated every 5 to 30 munites

– Example modules: high resolution airport wind field nowcasting, airport fog, icing.

eIAWS-R for En-Route Weather Information

– Integration of satellite, radar, ground observations, model forecasts, and pilot reports to provide fast updated 12-hr en-route aviation weather forecasting every 30 minutes to 2 hours.

– Example modules: satellite and model-based winds, clouds, turbulence, icing; satellite and radar hybrid storm motion tracking.

eIAWS-C for Collaborative Decision Making

– Integration of operational-critical information from different sources and across disciplines to provide an impact-based and common situation awareness operating picture in front of ATM decision makers for well-coordinated operational decision for air traffic safety and efficiency especially under severe weather conditions.

– Example: Real-time overlay of air traffic flow and weather (observations, forecasting scenarios, and impact scenarios) to determine the optimal decision meeting the safety thresholds.