IMSG develops tailored solutions to help our customers make informed decisions in managing environmental challenges.

Our solutions help our customers better understand and serve the needs of their customers by bringing together the best science, engineering, and management skills to support our customers’ needs in:

PROTECH Satellite Domain

I.M. Systems Group, Inc. (IMSG) is a leading provider of professional, scientific, and technical services to NOAA’s satellite programs, including the legacy polar and geostationary satellites and modern generation of Suomi-NPP, JPSS, and GOES-R.

Weather, Ocean & Climate

IMSG improves weather forecasts to reduce the loss of life and damage to property. By developing and improving modeling and database capabilities for regional weather and climate forecasts, our clients are better able to understand and prepare for what lies ahead.

Satellite Remote Sensing

IMSG improves weather forecasting, climate monitoring, detection of natural hazards like wildfires and severe storms, and is always working to fine tune the detection of environmental changes like coral reef bleaching and deforestation around the world.

Coastal Management

We offer a wide range of coastal zone management services to address the challenges faced by our coastal communities.

Marine Habitat Conservation

With our team of Marine Habitat Specialists, we help you understand the physical, biological, chemical, socioeconomic, and policy dimensions of fishery management and habitat conservation, coral reef protection, offshore contaminant spills, and marine protected areas, and partner with you in planning the smartest, most sustainable steps for you to take.

Geospatial Analysis

Our seasoned IMSG team of geospatial specialists, scientists, engineers, and policy analysts have the expertise and experience to rapidly solve complex problems and implement solutions for habitat protection.


Partnering with our customers, we measure the social and economic effects of certain actions, and study how to better achieve the results they desire. Our IMSG team of natural resource economists, program evaluators, and cultural resource specialists apply rigorous methods to create environmental solutions that make sense for communities – economically, socially and culturally.

Program & Administrative Support

IMSG customers depend on us to provide innovative, cost-effective and sustainable solutions to address complex environmental challenges. And IMSG appreciates the value of implementing programs effectively and with a great team. Which is why IMSG offers comprehensive program and administrative support for our client partners.

Enterprise Integrated Aviation Weather Solution (eIAWS)

eIAWS is an innovative aviation weather observation and forecasting solution for airports. The system enables en route hazard warnings to be issued to help ensure pilots and air traffic control officials have the crucial information they need about severe weather to make essential air traffic management and airport operations decisions.