NOAA ProTech Satellite Domain

NOAA satellite observations and derived information products are a vital link in the agency’s mission to protect life and property and to promote economic development and sustainable ecosystems. Driven by the growing demand for quantity and reliability of environmental information by the public and decision makers, and with new satellite systems coming online over the next two decades, NOAA is increasingly turning to partnerships with academia and industry to fulfill its mission.  I.M. Systems Group, Inc. (IMSG) is a leading provider of professional, scientific, and technical services to NOAA’s satellite programs, including the legacy polar and geostationary satellites and modern generation of Suomi-NPP, JPSS, and GOES-R. Our partnership with NOAA is now more than 16 years of continuous contract support, with a workforce that includes over 200 highly credentialed scientific and engineering professionals supporting NESDIS and NWS. We have been in the front lines of development and operational support of NOAA’s constellation of earth-observing satellites and science products.

IMSG has extensive experience and expertise in NESDIS satellite science product algorithm research and development, research to operations transitions of new science, and satellite data assimilation for numerical modeling and prediction of regional and global phenomena. To expand our ability to support the NOAA ProTech Satellite Domain contract in breadth and depth, we have assembled a highly qualified team with both large business and small business partners, including

  • SGT, Inc. (our principal partner), a company with over 20 years of experience supporting more than 15 environmental satellite missions and ground systems in NOAA, NASA, and DOI with a technical staff of over 2500 employees. SGT provides comprehensive support in system engineering, independent verification and validation, and operations and management services to NESDIS.
  • ECG, Inc., a small business specializing in program management support, including scheduling, risk management and program integration.
  • ENFA Corporation, a small, woman-owned business providing program management, monitoring, and ground system engineering.
  • GVT, LLC, a small business with expertise in ground system engineering, software development and total system (hardware and software) transition to operations.

What IMSG Team brings to the ProTech Satellite Domain:

  • Corporate investment in and 16-year commitment to advancing NOAA mission & vision of protecting life and property.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of Environmental Intelligence with more than 55% of IMSG workforce possessing a PhD in relevant areas.
  • Knowledge of and hands-on experience in all five NOAA Line Offices.
  • Extensive corporate & professional networks into academia & business institutions to access expertise for sustaining NOAA capabilities & goals.

IMSG has built core corporate competencies and business interests over the years driven primarily by NOAA program requirements.  As such, IMSG’s corporate culture and expertise are closely aligned with NOAA’s.  Our corporate investments in recruiting and retaining a well-trained workforce will continue to grow and evolve to meet NOAA’s needs over time. We are invested in the future but also grounded in the NOAA legacy of excellence.  As NOAA continues to maintain a legacy satellite infrastructure for operations while stepping into the future with more complex, and remarkably capable new science and technologies, the IMSG Team technical and managerial staff has shown it can achieve both – sustain existing systems while planning, developing and deploying new ones.

IMSG has a demonstrated history of bringing the right expertise at the right time to bear on NOAA needs. Our Team of ProTech partners with NOAA-relevant technical expertise in satellite science, systems and policy, and our networks of academic and business relationships will provide the extended breadth and depth of knowledge to fill any conceivable specialized requirement or surge needs.

For additional information or teaming opportunities, please contact:

Ms. Patti Porter, Director of Contracts, IMSG


Phone: 240-8331889 x 13007


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