Development for NASA’s mission

Development for NASA’s mission

Photo as in GESTAR Newsletter, Vol. 4 (2), Spring 2015

Over 10 IMSG employees supporting NESDIS/STAR were recognized at the 2nd STAR annual award ceremony for their above and beyond efforts and contributions.

Dr. Bomin Sun, Mr. Michael Pettey, Mr. Franklin Tilley, and Mr. Charlie Brown – Winners of the annual STAR Science Award for leadership and support for the development and continuous operation of the STAR NOAA Products Validation System (NPROVS).

Dr. Pubu Ciren, Dr. Hongqing Liu and Dr. Hai Zhang – Winners of the annual STAR Innovation Award for enhancing the accuracy of Suomi NPP VIIRS aerosol products and ensuring that those products reach the user community with reduced latency to achieve their best value.

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