IMSG sponsors the 17th Annual American Meteorological Society Student Conference

IMSG sponsors the 17th Annual American Meteorological Society Student Conference

October 2017 – I.M. Systems Group, Inc. (IMSG) has been selected to join President Trump’s and Commerce Secretary Ross’s China Trade Mission Nov 8-9, 2017.  

As one of the 29 U.S. companies selected for this Trade Mission, IMSG will sign additional agreements with China’s Air Traffic Management Bureau (ATMB).  The agreements will further the cooperation among IMSG and the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) and industry to promote IMSG’s precision aviation weather forecast system to be customized and deployed in China.  Since weather is one of the leading causes for the nation’s massive flight delays, this system will enhance China’s aviation weather forecast and professional service capabilities. It will provide timely and effective help to China’s tireless efforts to reduce flight delays and diversion in recent years.  

IMSG’s new system is called Enterprise Integrated Aviation Weather System (eIAWS®).   It provides more accurate, timely, and useful aviation weather forecasts for air traffic control centers at various levels, and for airlines and airports.  In addition to reducing flight delays, it will help increase safety and decrease pollution and wasted fuel.  It meets the big air traffic volume, large scale operation, and the continued growth needs in China – projected to be the world’s largest civil aviation market by 2022.  

Mr. Vance Hum (CEO) and Dr. Le Jiang (Vice President and Chief Scientist) will represent IMSG during the trade mission to interact with both the U.S. and China sides for a range of activities. IMSG is one of the small companies included in the trade mission, which shows the administration’s support of Small and Medium Enterprises.

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