IMSG VizLab Task Order award

IMSG VizLab Task Order award

December 18, 2023 (For Immediate Release):   I.M. Systems Group of Maryland, was awarded the NOAA multi-year NESDIS Environmental Visualization Laboratory (VizLab) Task Order, a critical team of specialists assisting and developing concepts and imagery in behalf of NOAA missions.   IMSG received this award renewing the confidence in the Government and IMSG cooperative work under the NOAA ProTech2.0 Satellite Domain IDIQ.  The Award is one of the early task orders under this important Contract, and support will continue with the seasoned and internationally recognized performance by IMSG Team.  Recipient of many award-winning developments in previous cycles of this contract, IMSG VizLab Team is proud to be recognized in winning this Task Order.  Noted by Chairman Imelda Martin: “IMSG Team members initiate the new work January 1st, 2024 and are committed to continue the excellence the NOAA stakeholders have come to expect from us.  We promise and we deliver.”  Martin emphasized, “ We are excited at the opportunity to further the VizLab mission in assisting NESDIS to evolve its capabilities and services to the broader communities”.  

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